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Giving Thanks for Public Safety

The Public Safety enterprise for the United States is a global, 24 hour/7 day a week/365 day a year operation. As of this writing, personnel that are ensuring our public safety range from our military personnel on Patrol on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border, police officers on Patrol in Los Angeles, to ICE Border agents along the […]

Public Safety and Global Warming

The General Secretary of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, said yesterday on a vist to Chile that the issue of Global Warming and climate change is at an emergency situation. Global warming, climate change, and the rising sea levels becomes a Public Safety issue during a flood or hurricane. The increase in population, and development […]

Capella Criminal Justice and Academic Excellence

Today I received news from the national office of Alpha Phi Sigma, which is a national honor society for criminal justice majors, that Capella has been granted its own honor society chapter. We take great pride in the rigor of our programs and consistently look for ways in which to recognize academic excellence; this national […]

IEDs in the U.S., new threat for public safety

Hello, Joe mentioned in an earlier post about the recently updated National Strategy for Homeland Security. He also highlighted the new threat to our home land in IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devises). This is a very real concern for police, fire and EMS, as well as for the general public. I believe that we should all […]

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Picture of Dr. Steven Barthelmeus, aa contributor to Capella's public safety blog.
Dr. Steven Barthelmeus
Program Chair,
Public Safety – Criminal Justice/Forensics program, Capella University
Picture of Shelly Gill, a contributor to Capella's public safety blog.
Dr. Shelly Gill
Adjunct Instructor, Capella University
Picture of Dr. Joseph Pascarella, author of Capella's public safety news blog.
Dr. Joseph Pascarella
Core Faculty Member, Capella University
Picture of Dr. Jeffrey Rush, author of Capella's public safety news blog.
Dr. Jeffrey Rush
Asst. Professor of Criminal Justice/Homeland Security, Dept. of Public Management and Criminal Justice, Austin Peay State University
Picture of Dr. Michael Kemp, author of Capella's public safety news blog.
Dr. Michael Kemp
Chair, Emergency Management, Capella University
Melissa Beasley
Captain, Florence Alabama Police Department
Darryl Jones
Capella University Learner and Chief, Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire
Dr. Laura Pettler
Investigator for Prosecutorial District Twenty A of North Carolina
Mark Rubin
Capella University Learner
Mark S. Warnick
Capella University Learner, Retired Asst. Fire Chief


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