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Twentieth Anniversary – World Trade Center I

Greetings, Today is the Twentieth Anniversary of the first World Trade Center attack, in which 6 people, including a pregnant woman after a truck bomb exploded in the parking lots underneath the World Trade Center. The probable intent of the terrorists was to topple one of the Twin Towers into the other and collapse both […]

Tragedy in Connecticut

It is become abundantly clear that the United States simply can no longer allow firearms ownership without some significant reforms. After a horrific incident this summer in Colorado, and now this unspeakable act today in Connecticut in which 20 schoolchildren and 6 adults were murdered inside an elementary school, I am not sure what more […]

Mission Critical

What is Mission Critical? Mission Critical ( is an accredited educational programming organization, reaching a targeted 2 million Public Safety officials, Criminal Justice, Healthcare professionals and First Responders. Mission Critical training is provided to a number of Federal, Municipal First Responder, Public Safety and Public Health educators through TV networks specific for public safety professionals. […]

Closing One Chapter on 9/11

The recent news of the death of Osama Bin Laden by US forces in Pakistan represents closure for many in the public safety community. Although the threat of the terror attack continuous to loom, a pervasive sense of justice (and relief) is now prevalent to many within the public safety directly, or indirectly effected by […]

Violence and Law Enforcement Officers

Greetings, Earlier this week, the United States Attorney General (USAG), Eric Holder announced an initiative to increase law enforcement safety. One of the objectives of the USAG is to ensure the safety of law enforecement officers across the United States, regardless of function or agency. The USAG announced the initiative due to an increase of […]

Did you know? “Forensics Mental Health”

In Q2, Capella is introducing an exciting new public safety/forensics multidisciplinary course, “Forensics Mental Health”, in which learners apply knowledge of the mental health field to a variety of criminal and civil proceedings. Learners examine the ways common mental health practices and procedures are integrated in the legal system, including use of the Diagnostic and Statistical […]

“Law Enforcement’s Leadership Role in the Pretrial Release and Detention Process”

“The International Association of Chiefs of Police, in a collaborative effort with the Pretrial Justice Institute (PJI) and The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) has released a report: Law Enforcement’s Leadership Role in the Pretrial Release and Detention Process” (IACP, 2011).

11 Law Enforcement Officers Shot in a 24 Hour Period

Earlier in the month, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund reported that beginning on Sunday, January 23, a tragic wave of violence against America’s law enforcement officers took place, with 11 officers shot within a 24 hour time frame in 5 states. In addition, it was reported that gunfire fatalities has claimed the lives […]

Focus: The Power of Social Media

We continue to observe the power of social media to shape and inform current events. While many positive effects of social media, including aiding in the dissemination of important information (getting the message out), organizing, and mobilizing are well established, from an LE/CJ perspective, may there also be challenges or potentially negative consequences? What are […]

The Tragic Shooting in Arizona: Thoughts in the Aftermath

We mourn the deaths and injuries of those shot at close range by a reportedly mentally deranged individual with a semi-automatic handgun. In Tucson, Arizona, on 10 Jan 2011, the alleged gunman, 22-year-old loner, Jared Loughner, reportedly killed 6, including a 9-year-old girl, and wounded more than a dozen others, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) […]

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