Dr. Michael Kemp, PhD, CEM

Faculty chair for Capella University’s Emergency Management program, a senior analyst for Integrated Solutions Consulting, and an original board member for the Comprehensive Emergency Management Research Center

Dr. Kemp is one of only a few people in the nation to have ever earned a PhD exclusively in emergency management. Along with his focused emergency management degrees, Dr. Kemp is also a certified emergency manager—the first to hold both the EM PhD and the top practical certification. Dr. Kemp has 17 years experience, which include:

  • Being part of a research group to study mass casualties concerning the 2004 Sumatra earthquake and Tsunami.
  • Deployed to the State of Florida for Hurricanes Charlie and Frances.
  • Modeling hazard risk and vulnerability for the state of Indiana.
  • Working on issues of critical infrastructure in the state of Minnesota.
  • A team member for one of the nation weapons of mass destruction civil support teams.

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